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How is classic car insurance different from other types of insurance?

White Oak Insurance LLC has been serving Milford, CT area vintage vehicle owners with classic car coverage options, and at times we get asked to compare these policies with auto insurance. Classic car insurance has a few differences from auto and other types of insurance. Keep reading to find out what these differences are and what classic car insurance has to offer.

Classic car insurance vs auto insurance

One of the most crucial differences between classic car and auto insurance is how the insurance agency determines the car’s value. Regular auto insurance goes by the car’s age and depreciation value. If you tried to get auto insurance for your classic car, you would get very little coverage based on the depreciated value. If you tried to insure the same classic car with the right insurance, you would get more insurance coverage.

Classic car insurance goes by the value you and the insurance company agree on. If you have a classic car, it can be worth a lot of money depending on how old it is and any additions you might have added to it.

Classic car insurance has a few requirements that auto insurance doesn’t have. To qualify for classic car insurance, you must have a separate vehicle with regular auto insurance as a designated everyday vehicle. You can’t use your classic car as the car you drive every day. You also have to have a safe, covered place to store your classic car out of the way of potential damage.

Just like with auto insurance, classic car insurance requires a minimum amount of liability insurance. Although classic car insurance requires liability, it is much cheaper than auto insurance because your classic car is not considered a daily driver.

Get Classic Car Insurance Today

Now that you know some of the key differences between classic car insurance and auto insurance, you can contact us about your classic car insurance needs at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT.


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