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Why should I get classic car insurance?

If you are a car lover in the Milford, CT area owning a classic car could be a dream that you have. When you choose to get a classic car, you will want to know that it is properly covered by insurance. Those that do get a classic car insurance plan will benefit in several separate ways. 

Insurance Gives Protection for Your Vehicle

A key reason to always have a classic car insurance plan when you get a classic car is so you can get protection for your vehicle. Anyone that is a classic car owner will have a valuable asset that they will want to protect as well as possible. With a classic car insurance plan, you will be able to protect the value of this asset. With this insurance plan, you can negotiate a fair replacement value to ensure the collectible value is protected.

Insurance Offers Liability Risk

It would be best if you also got a classic car insurance plan to get liability insurance. Anyone driving a vehicle needs to have liability coverage. With a classic car, most drivers will drive infrequently. This means that their actual liability risk is lower than standard drivers. A classic car insurance plan can consider this when creating a policy.

Having a classic car insurance plan is very important if you are a classic car owner. Those who own a vehicle in Milford, CT should call White Oak Insurance LLC to discuss their insurance needs. If you speak with the White Oak Insurance LLC team, you can learn a lot about your different insurance options and needs. This can help ensure that you are properly covered and build the right plan for your situation. 

What is Classic Car Insurance?

That jalopy in your garage that you keep under a protective cover needs more than just a tarp and the garage space. It requires classic car insurance from White Oak Insurance LLC, serving Milford, CT.

Why classic car insurance?

Typically, you will pay less for more coverage of your vehicle that is aged 25 years or older. With classic car insurance, you agree to drive your antique or classic automobile less than 1,000 for the year of coverage. Essentially, you get to drive it in parades and to car shows. That is it. You cannot use it for your commute or running errands, etc.

In exchange for this very limited use, you will get low premiums plus a choice between a policy that uses agreed-upon value or replacement value. That benefits you because most auto policies pay based on the current blue book value of a vehicle. Your pristinely restored 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray with the convertible top that they only produced for six months of the year would get you a couple of thousand bucks if you were lucky when using regular auto coverage. A classic car policy though covers your baby at an agreed-upon value you negotiate with the insurance agency at the time you purchase the policy or the replacement cost of the vehicle as you have restored it. That means you would get the $148,000 necessary to actually replace your Concours rated Corvette with another Concours rated Corvette.

After you have put the effort in to restore or rebuild a vehicle, you want it to remain perfect. Perhaps the accident that occurs does not total the vehicle. Maybe it only amounts to a fender bender. The classic car coverage pays for genuine replacement parts of the same model year and make. That helps you keep your restored vehicle at a Concours rating.

Call or email White Oak Insurance LLC today to find out how best to protect that cherry coupe you have tucked away in your Milford, CT garage. We can help you insure your classic or antique vehicle, to protect the hard work you devoted to its preservation.

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