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Comprehensive Insurance: What Does This Cover?

Comprehensive auto insurance is something we at White Oak Insurance LLC provide for Milford, CT residents. However, we know that the different policy options may seem confusing to many. Thankfully, we’re here to help you better understand your options.

What a Comprehensive Policy Covers 

A comprehensive insurance policy provides a broad range of different coverage options that should work well for many people. These include a myriad of various problems that may occur at any time, including things like:

  • Severe damage caused by an accident 
  • Destruction caused by a falling object, like a tree
  • Civil disturbances, such as riots, damaging your car 
  • Theft or vandalism that impacts your vehicle 
  • Animal damage that may affect how well your vehicle runs 

This type of policy is designed to expand beyond your traditional liability and property damage policies to provide a more cohesive coverage plan. That said, there are some things that it won’t cover. Understanding these issues will ensure you don’t run into any troubles:

  • Damage to your car during a car accident 
  • Any damage to another person’s car during a collision 
  • Your medical expenses after an accident 

Thankfully, traditional liability and medical expense coverage can help protect you from these issues. As a result, it is essential to talk to your agent to learn more about whether or not you are covered. Then, they can examine your various options and ensure that you get the help you need here. 

Find a Policy You Can Trust 

If you’re not sure about what kind of auto insurance policy you want or want to upgrade your coverage, please don’t hesitate to contact us at White Oak Insurance LLC to learn more. We can help Milford, CT residents find the policy that makes the most sense for their needs.

Connecticut Commercial Insurance – Difference Between Negligence and Reasonable Duty Of Safety

If you own a business in Connecticut, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing commercial insurance.  Commercial Insurance protects the business from most forms of damage, whether they’d be of a physical or a civil (lawsuit) nature.  Civil protections are important at all times of the year, but especially in the winter because New England is known worldwide for the amount of snow and ice that we see every year.  All it takes is one slip & fall accident outside your business to warrant a liability civil event. White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT has many options for business owners and commercial insurance.  We will take a look at the difference in a business owner’s liability between negligence and reasonable duty of safety. 

Reasonable Duty Of Safety

A business has an RDOS (Reasonable Duty Of Safety) to uphold not only to their customers but to the populace at large.  This RDOS comes into place during the winter in terms of snowfall and ice buildup around the business on public walkways and entryways.  A business can’t be expected to clear snow and ice during a heavy snowfall event or blizzard.  There is a reasonable legal expectation of the appearance of snow and ice around a business during a heavy precipitation event.  So, if someone walks in a blizzard and slips and falls in front of the business, there is no legal expectation that there shouldn’t be snow and ice in front of the building, therefore, lawsuits would be hard to win in court.


Let’s take that same scenario and instead of walking in front of the business during the blizzard, the same person walked in front of the business a week later in good weather.  The snow and ice haven’t melted away yet and there’s an abundance of it just outside the front door of the business.  The business had a reasonable amount of time to remove the snow and ice and elected not to.  Therefore, there is a legal expectation that the snow and ice should have been removed.  If this same person slips and falls under these different circumstances, that person would have legal standing to file a lawsuit against the business for criminal negligence that can cause injury.  Commercial Insurance would mitigate the out-of-pocket costs for the business under this scenario.

To Learn More

Contact White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT today to learn more about commercial insurance.

Factors to Consider When Getting Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can be complicated for most people, especially if this is your first time buying insurance. There are many insurance agencies, agents and brokers, and deciding who to go with can be overwhelming. However, here at White Oak Insurance LLC, serving Milford, CT, we want to ensure you make an informed choice. Here are some factors to consider when buying auto insurance.  

The Coverage You want

Under auto insurance, there is a lot of coverage for collision, comprehensive, personal injury, and insured and underinsured coverage. It is advisable you understand each of these to protect your car adequately. Once you have an idea, approach an insurance company and get more additional information you may want.

Insurance Brand

You also need to consider the insurance brand you plan to work with. Read online reviews to learn about the reputation of a company. If there is a high level of customer satisfaction, you can proceed with the insurance company.

Your Deductible

The deductible is the amount you will pay before your insurance pays for the expenses arising from the accident. Therefore, consider how much you can comfortably pay out of pocket if there is an accident. Also, note that a lower deductible means you will have to pay higher premiums and vice versa.

Your Car

The brand and model of your car will have an impact on your auto insurance policy. There are cars prone to theft, while others have a low safety rating. Therefore, if you have a specific budget for your insurance, consider getting a car with high safety ratings.

With auto insurance being mandatory in Milford, CT, you have to factor in all considerations before purchasing insurance. It will help you make the right decision. Here at White Oak Insurance LLC, we want you to feel confident when buying auto insurance. That is why we are ready to answer any questions you might have. Contact us today for any assistance.

How is classic car insurance different?

Classic cars are loved in Milford, CT. White Oak Insurance LLC wants to make sure every classic and antique owner can keep their favorite vehicle street legal for many years to come. That is why we offer classic car insurance. However, there are many laws and exemptions applying to a classic that are not considered for a regular vehicle. 

Classic cars do not need a title.

Vehicles with a model year over 20 years old are not required to have a title when registering with the Connecticut DMV. In lieu of a title, classic cars need registration from the previous owner. Other prerequisites for registration still apply. This includes having an acceptable form of identification and proof of insurance. 

Some classic cars are exempt from emissions testing.

Vehicles with the model year of 1996 or older are exempt from emissions testing within the state of Connecticut. Likewise, vehicles that are over 10 years old are not required to have a safety inspection. Classic vehicles made after 1996 are still required to undergo emissions testing every two years. 

Classic car value is limited by the state.

Special interest, rare, or antique vehicles cannot be assessed for more than $500 in value. Under this law, any vehicle that is over 20 years old can be considered a classic. Additionally, these vehicles must be considered as being preserved for historic interest. They cannot be altered or modified from the original manufacturer specification. 

Classic cars must be insured.

Every driver must carry liability insurance, even when they are driving a classic or antique vehicle. The state’s financial responsibility laws state drivers must have minimum liability insurance and uninsured motorist insurance. 

White Oak Insurance LLC is the one-stop shop for Milford, CT drivers who need insurance. Contact us today to discover what we can do to protect you and your classic car.

How Connecticut Residents Can Benefit From Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance, sometimes known as personal liability insurance, can offer significant coverage and protection for you and your household in various scenarios where you may not otherwise have coverage. Because so many things are out of our control in life, it’s vital to have a fail-safe option to fall back on.

What’s more important than ensuring you and your family are protected?

When thinking about umbrella insurance and what it can provide you in Milford, CT, it’s important to determine exactly what your needs are and what amount of liability coverage you need. If you own a home, a vehicle, have other assets like a business or other investments, umbrella insurance may be a smart choice for you.

Those researching umbrella insurance in Milford, CT should know that this particular type of insurance policy will add extra liability to any standard, existing policies. If you’re seeking protection for your assets while limiting liability, umbrella insurance can be a viable option. 

White Oak Insurance LLC encourages you to examine your current policy and evaluate your needs based on that coverage. For those who have a family, property, or other assets, additional coverage is a smart decision because it can ensure that everything is adequately protected in case of any event. 

Whether umbrella insurance is the right choice for you and your family will depend on several factors, including what we mentioned above, and you will want to be fully informed on all your options. Should you need assistance regarding selecting the right umbrella plan, White Oak Insurance LLC and our agents are here to help you find the right plan that meets your needs.

Insuring a Teen Driver: Tips You Need to Know Now

It’s always scary for parents when their teens start driving. That’s why we at White Oak Insurance LLC provide Milford, CT parents with detailed information and tips about this process. Follow these steps to make sure your teen gets the policy that makes the most sense for their needs.

Tips You Need to Know

When it comes time to buy a policy to cover your teen, there are many tips that you must keep in mind. These steps include how you should:

  • Add Them to Your Policy — When you put your teen on your policy, you can get many exciting deals and provide them with more comprehensive policies.
  • Raise Their Grades — Many insurance providers create specialized "Good Student" deals for students who do very well in school.
  • Put the Car in Their Name — Register and license the car in your teen’s name to protect yourself and simplify their liability coverage.
  • Take a Crash Prevention Course — Find Connecticut’s crash prevention course and enroll your teen to give them a better potential policy.
  • Label Them an "Occasional" Driver — Some policies let you label your team as a "pleasure-only" or "occasional" driver, which may be good if they rarely use their vehicle.

Make sure that you talk with your provider about these tips to ensure that you execute them properly. Thankfully, most should be pretty simple to understand and give you the help your teen needs to stay safe and protected on the road.

Get the Coverage You Need

If your teen needs an excellent insurance policy right away, please don’t hesitate to contact us at White Oak Insurance LLC to learn more. We serve the Milford, CT area and beyond. We will do whatever we can to help your teen get the best policy possible, ensuring they are fully covered.

Commercial Insurance Add-ons to Consider

As with your health or car insurance, commercial insurance is one insurance coverage that you wish you will never have to use. But because businesses operate in an uncertain environment, you can’t rule out unforeseen mishaps. In that case, investing in commercial insurance can be the difference between failure and success for the business you have worked so hard to bring up. 

Investing in commercial insurance is one thing, but do you know add-ons you should include in your coverage to get the best out of it? If not, White Oak Insurance LLC shares business insurance add-ons to consider for your Milford, CT business. 

Workers’ comp insurance

This insurance is mandatory in Connecticut if you have employees, whether seasonal, full-time, or part-time. Workers’ comp insurance protects your employees by covering their medical expenses for illnesses and injuries suffered in the workplace. 

Commercial auto insurance

Do you have business vehicles? The law requires you to carry commercial auto insurance with liability and uninsured liability coverages. Even though you are using your car to carry out commercial operations, it’s vital to upgrade personal auto insurance to commercial auto insurance. This way, your vehicle and driver will be covered optimally in the event of an accident. 

General liability insurance

While this coverage isn’t legally required, every business should invest in this insurance plan to protect their finances against expensive lawsuits. This coverage protects your business against property damage, advertising injury, and bodily injury occurring to third parties — like customers and vendors. 

Commercial property insurance

Whether traditional, home-based or online, your business has assets — talk of computer equipment, furniture, inventories, buildings, and so forth. Commercial property insurance covers your business assets from perils like theft, fire, vandalism, and certain natural calamities. 

Invest in commercial insurance in Milford, CT today!

The above are just examples of add-ons you can consider for your business. Of course, you consider different coverages, given the nature of your business. Would you like to get more information on commercial insurance? Please contact White Oak Insurance LLC for insights. 

4 Add-ons to Consider For Your Auto Insurance

While you may have the state-required minimum auto insurance in Milford, CT, it may not be enough to keep your car in tip-top condition. That said, you may need to boost your car insurance with add-ons for optimal coverage. While there are numerous auto insurance add-ons to consider, White Oak Insurance LLC has put together four insurance add-ons worth the extra bucks. 

Zero depreciation coverage

Like most assets, your car is prone to depreciation. Your vehicle starts depreciating from the moment you drive off the lot. And since the car owner (not the insurer) bears the responsibility of wear and tear, you are likely to receive the payout less depreciation during compensation after a claim. Zero depreciation coverage cushions you against depreciation, deterring you from incurring out-of-pocket expenses. This coverage is more suitable for:

  • New car owners
  • Luxury cars with expensive car parts
  • New drivers
  • If you live in an accident-prone locality

Roadside assistance

Besides towing, the roadside assistance add-on ensures you get services like puncture repair, battery jumpstart, gas delivery, and other roadside repairs when your car stalls away from home. If you love impromptu road trips or have long daily commutes, it’s wise to consider this add-on.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

If you have zero or little health insurance coverage, PIP is essential coverage to consider. PIP covers you and your passengers’ medical expenses for injuries sustained in a vehicular accident. And because PIP is no-fault insurance, even when you are deemed liable for the accident, this won’t limit you from enjoying the benefits of this coverage.  

Engine protection cover

While the engine is the heart of your car, it’s one of the most expensive parts of your vehicle. Although your comprehensive or collision coverage may cover your engine after an accident, these coverages don’t protect your engine against damage resulting from oil leaks, hydrolock, and water ingression. And that’s where the engine protect cover comes into play.

Car insurance in Connecticut

Are you shopping for car insurance in Connecticut? Please contact White Oak Insurance LLC for an affordable quote.

Why should I get classic car insurance?

If you are a car lover in the Milford, CT area owning a classic car could be a dream that you have. When you choose to get a classic car, you will want to know that it is properly covered by insurance. Those that do get a classic car insurance plan will benefit in several separate ways. 

Insurance Gives Protection for Your Vehicle

A key reason to always have a classic car insurance plan when you get a classic car is so you can get protection for your vehicle. Anyone that is a classic car owner will have a valuable asset that they will want to protect as well as possible. With a classic car insurance plan, you will be able to protect the value of this asset. With this insurance plan, you can negotiate a fair replacement value to ensure the collectible value is protected.

Insurance Offers Liability Risk

It would be best if you also got a classic car insurance plan to get liability insurance. Anyone driving a vehicle needs to have liability coverage. With a classic car, most drivers will drive infrequently. This means that their actual liability risk is lower than standard drivers. A classic car insurance plan can consider this when creating a policy.

Having a classic car insurance plan is very important if you are a classic car owner. Those who own a vehicle in Milford, CT should call White Oak Insurance LLC to discuss their insurance needs. If you speak with the White Oak Insurance LLC team, you can learn a lot about your different insurance options and needs. This can help ensure that you are properly covered and build the right plan for your situation. 

How much liability do you need in your umbrella insurance policy?

As Umbrella insurance gets popular, many questions have come up based on how the policy works. One of the most common questions among Milford, CT policyholders is how much liability they need to buy as umbrella insurance is not self-sufficient. While auto and home insurance come with liability coverages, it’s always essential to think about your lifestyle and determine how much liability you need.

Extra liability

Umbrella insurance is designed to add additional liability to your standard policies. Some people need extra liability based on their investment and liability risks. For instance, millionaires have more to lose if they’re sued for liability than ordinary folks. Those with expensive assets and properties are also likely to lose more if sued. Therefore, some additional liability will be needed in those cases, but it doesn’t mean only the wealthy should buy insurance. Parents, small business owners, and even typical homeowners can also benefit from umbrella insurance.

Bodily injury and property damage liability

Always assess your likelihood of getting involved in a lawsuit. If you have children, White Oak Insurance LLC recommends raising your liability premiums. If you have a big compound and a few structures in your compound, be sure to get extra coverage. You can never really know how much trouble your kids can cause or the level of damage and injury people can get while at your house. For instance, if a neighbor’s child sneaked into your home to swim through a broken fence and drowns while you were away, you could face a considerable liability challenge.

Slander and libel

Umbrella insurance goes beyond injuries and damages. If you or anyone in your family is at risk of getting sued for libel, slander, malicious prosecution, false arrest, and other forms of liability, umbrella insurance can help protect you from financial losses.

Looking to buy umbrella insurance in Milford, CT? White Oak Insurance LLC can help you find a policy that fits your needs. Call us for more information.

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