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How Umbrella Insurance Works

Liability insurance is an important part of protecting yourself financially. There are liability coverage amounts in many different types of insurance policies. That includes both home and auto policies. However, you may not have the amount of coverage you need. Many people don’t have as much liability coverage as they thought. This can mean that their insurance can’t cover a major incident in which someone is injured. To get more of this coverage, there is umbrella insurance. If you’re interested in one of these policies, call us at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT.

Home, Auto, and Umbrella

Umbrella insurance is designed to work with your existing home and auto insurance policies. If you have both of these coverage types, there is some liability coverage in each of them. If you want to add more of this coverage onto your policies, however, it would be highly expensive. That’s why so many people turn to umbrella insurance instead. It’s a much less expensive way to get more liability coverage. It’s not only inexpensive, but it also comes with a very high maximum payout. When you don’t have much liability coverage, it may leave bills left over after the insurance company has paid what it can. This can leave enormous overages for you to pay. Umbrella insurance covers these overages so you won’t have to. 

Using Umbrella Insurance

When there’s been an accident with injuries. The medical bills first go to your home or auto insurance policy. Once it has maxed out what it can pay, umbrella insurance steps in. It pays the rest of the medical bills and other associated costs for you so you aren’t stuck paying out of pocket. Medical bills are going up all the time, so it’s smart to have this protection. 

Get Umbrella Coverage

If you need more liability coverage, call us at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT.

Will My Insurance Policy Cover Damages Caused by Hitting a Deer?

Deer have been known to dart out in the road when you least expect it, even in areas that aren’t necessarily rural. Since you can never predict when you might encounter a deer while driving, you might wonder if your insurance policy will provide coverage if you were to hit one. Serving the greater Milford, CT area, White Oak Insurance LLC is here to assist in understanding your options. 

What Type of Coverage Do You Have?

The type of coverage you currently have will determine whether your insurance policy will provide coverage in the event you were to hit a deer. If you have liability insurance only, then your coverage likely won’t be adequate to cover hitting an animal or other object. On the other hand, if you have full coverage insurance, then you will likely have nothing to worry about. If comprehensive insurance is included along with your collision, then you will be covered. 

Is Another Vehicle Involved?

If you only hit a deer while driving and you have comprehensive coverage, then you have no worries. However, if you swerve in an attempt to avoid a deer and you end up hitting another vehicle, then comprehensive coverage may not be sufficient. Collision is the type of insurance that covers accidents, regardless of the cause. Therefore, if you’re not sure of the type of coverage you have, then you need to double-check, so you’ll be sure. 

Schedule A Consultation Today!

If you’re shopping around for a new auto insurance policy that includes comprehensive coverage and you live in the Milford, CT area, we at White Oak Insurance LLC would love for you to choose us. We are always looking for new customers, and we pride ourselves on providing a wide array of insurance types and great customer service. So, give us a call today and one of our knowledgeable insurance agents will be happy to provide you with a quote. 

Commercial Coverage Options for Home Businesses

If you’ve recently launched a business from home, it’s time to consider your insurance options. You can’t count on standard home insurance to protect your business assets. Although you can increase your property and liability protection by getting home endorsements, you’ll still have lapses in your coverage. At White Oak Insurance LLC, serving the greater Milford, CT community, we recommend purchasing business insurance to safeguard your home business and keep it running smoothly.

Commercial Insurance Options for Home Businesses

Starting a home business can be challenging enough without having to worry about insurance. By getting the right coverage from the start, you can focus on running and growing your business to help it succeed. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want one or more of the following commercial insurance options:

  • General Liability – for protection against customer injuries while visiting your business or injuries customers may sustain from faulty products. If an injury leads to a lawsuit, liability insurance helps cover legal costs. 
  • Commercial Property – protects your business equipment and products against theft or damage from disasters like fire, hurricanes, etc. This includes computers, copy/fax machines, office furniture, inventory and other equipment used for business purposes.  
  • Business Interruption – covers business expenses like payroll and loss of income if your business has to close down due to disaster damage. Business interruption will even pay to relocate your business temporarily while repairs are made to your home/business site.

General liability, commercial property, and business interruption coverage can be bundled together in a business owner’s policy (BOP). Other commercial coverage options include worker’s comp to protect employees against injuries on the job and commercial auto insurance to cover vehicles used for business purposes.  

Where to Purchase Commercial Coverage

To purchase a BOP or other commercial coverage for your home business, contact White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT today.

Three things you shouldn’t overlook when you buy classic car insurance

Classic car owners can purchase classic car insurance that’s tailored to their unique needs. White Oak Insurance LLC provides classic car insurance in Milford, CT.

Here are three things that you shouldn’t overlook when you buy classic car insurance:

The value of your classic car

It’s best to insure your classic car for its full value. That’s why you may want to have your vehicle evaluated when you purchase insurance.

Once you know what the value of your vehicle is, you should take out an agreed-value classic car policy. This type of policy will compensate you for your vehicle’s total value if it is destroyed in an accident. 

How much you use your classic car

Discuss how much you use your classic car with your insurance company before you buy a policy. Classic car insurance providers typically price premiums according to how frequently motorists use their vehicles. 

Many consumers who own classic cars don’t drive their classic cars that often. If you let your insurance provider know that you only use your classic car a few times a year, you’ll save on premiums. 

The amount of liability coverage your classic car insurance policy includes 

You could end up in an accident in your classic car. In this case, you might be held liable for the resulting damages. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re carrying enough liability coverage on your classic car insurance policy to keep you financially protected. 

Looking For Coverage For Your Classic Car?

Classic car owners in Milford, CT can rely on us at White Oak Insurance LLC for the insurance coverage they need. If you want to get a quote on a classic car insurance policy, call us or contact us online. 

Who can benefit from an umbrella policy?

Umbrella insurance from White Oak Insurance LLC is an important policy for anyone in the Milford, CT area looking to protect their assets in the event of unforeseen financial hardship. It provides an extra layer of coverage above and beyond what other policies provide, allowing individuals to safeguard themselves and their property in the case of a lawsuit or similar situation. 

Who can benefit from an umbrella policy?

One group that can especially benefit from having umbrella insurance is homeowners. Homeowners are often subject to liabilities due to visitors getting injured on their property, which could lead to costly legal fees and settlements if left uninsured. With an umbrella policy, homeowners can be sure that additional funds will be available should the need arise. This does not replace home or auto insurance but offers additional coverage.

Business owners also stand to gain from umbrella insurance. Businesses may be held liable for losses resulting from employee negligence or accidents resulting from products used by consumers. An umbrella policy can provide additional protection against these kinds of unexpected liabilities.

Ultimately, any person with significant assets should consider investing in an umbrella policy to ensure that they remain financially secure should a legal dispute arise. Not only does it provide peace of mind, but it also offers invaluable protection against potential financial loss down the road.

Reach Out To Us

For more information, give us at White Oak Insurance LLC a call today. We proudly serve the Milford, CT area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets both your needs and your budget. So don’t delay. Give us a call today and start getting the protection you need to keep you and your family safe.

How Do I Know if I Have Enough Auto Insurance?

At White Oak Insurance LLC, in Milford, CT, we offer customizable insurance policies to meet your unique needs. We offer auto insurance, as well as other types of coverage. 

Coverage Requirements in Connecticut

Connecticut drivers are required to have liability insurance. The minimum requirement is $25,000 for bodily damage liability, up to $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 in property damage liability are required. 

However, this isn’t enough for most drivers. 

How Much Liability Coverage Do I Need? 

Insurance experts recommend that drivers have $100,000 in bodily damage liability, up to $300,000 per accident. This will allow your policy to cover expected medical costs if someone is injured in an accident that is your fault. 

They also recommend $100,000 in property damage liability, which will cover the property damage in most accidents. 

Under/Uninsured Motorist Coverage 

Liability coverage includes under/uninsured motorist coverage at the same coverage limit as your bodily injury liability policy. However, you can purchase up to double this amount. This covers you and your passengers if you are injured in an accident and the other party doesn’t have liability coverage or inadequate coverage. 

Experts recommend at least $100,000 and up to $300,000  in under/uninsured motorist coverage. 

Other Types of Coverage 

If you have a lien against your vehicle, you are required to carry comprehensive coverage, which includes collision and comprehensive coverage. However, if you can’t afford to replace your vehicle, you should consider this coverage even if it isn’t required. 

If your lien is more than your vehicle is worth, you should consider gap coverage to make up the difference.  

Give Us A Call

If you aren’t sure if you have adequate auto insurance coverage in Milford, CT, contact us at White Oak Insurance LLC. Our knowledgeable agents can discuss your policies and ensure that you have the coverage you need. 

Three signs that you need to update your commercial insurance policy

The insurance coverage needs of your company can change over time. That’s why it’s important for business owners to periodically update their policies. At White Oak Insurance LLC, we can help you with updating your insurance coverage on your company in Milford, CT. 

The following are three signs that you need to update your commercial insurance policy:

You’re getting involved with new operations.

If you’ve changed your operations by manufacturing a new type of product or offering new services, your company might face new risks. This means that you need to update your coverage to protect yourself against these new risks to ensure the financial health and security of your company. 

Your company has grown.

Larger companies need more commercial insurance coverage. When your company is larger, it typically means that you have more employees and that you’re dealing with more customers. A larger company also most likely has more facilities and equipment.

Reevaluate your commercial insurance policy if your company has grown significantly since you first purchased your policy. 

You’ve invested in new equipment or properties. 

It’s important that your commercial insurance covers your company’s assets. Assets including your equipment and your commercial facilities are valuable and require large investments of capital.

Make sure that your commercial insurance policy insures you up to the full value of your company’s equipment and real estate. You definitely need to update your policy if you’ve made large investments in these types of assets without changing your coverage amounts. 

Is it time to update your commercial insurance policy?

We’re here to help. Call us at White Oak Insurance LLC for commercial insurance coverage for your business in Milford, CT. 

How is classic car insurance different from other types of insurance?

White Oak Insurance LLC has been serving Milford, CT area vintage vehicle owners with classic car coverage options, and at times we get asked to compare these policies with auto insurance. Classic car insurance has a few differences from auto and other types of insurance. Keep reading to find out what these differences are and what classic car insurance has to offer.

Classic car insurance vs auto insurance

One of the most crucial differences between classic car and auto insurance is how the insurance agency determines the car’s value. Regular auto insurance goes by the car’s age and depreciation value. If you tried to get auto insurance for your classic car, you would get very little coverage based on the depreciated value. If you tried to insure the same classic car with the right insurance, you would get more insurance coverage.

Classic car insurance goes by the value you and the insurance company agree on. If you have a classic car, it can be worth a lot of money depending on how old it is and any additions you might have added to it.

Classic car insurance has a few requirements that auto insurance doesn’t have. To qualify for classic car insurance, you must have a separate vehicle with regular auto insurance as a designated everyday vehicle. You can’t use your classic car as the car you drive every day. You also have to have a safe, covered place to store your classic car out of the way of potential damage.

Just like with auto insurance, classic car insurance requires a minimum amount of liability insurance. Although classic car insurance requires liability, it is much cheaper than auto insurance because your classic car is not considered a daily driver.

Get Classic Car Insurance Today

Now that you know some of the key differences between classic car insurance and auto insurance, you can contact us about your classic car insurance needs at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

If you have at least one vehicle and a house, chances are that you have a home insurance policy as well as an auto insurance policy. Both of these types of insurance have different kinds of coverage within the policies. Each type of coverage gives you a specific type of protection, and one of these types is protection in case of accidents. When you need more of this coverage, you can get an umbrella policy to provide it.

To get started, call us at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT.

Liability Coverage

With your home and auto policies, liability coverage is an important part of these policies. The liability coverage of each one pays for medical costs and certain other costs that are due after there is an accident that you’re liable for. When someone has an accident in your home, you are responsible for any bills that come next.

The same is true if you are in an auto accident that is your fault and someone else is injured. Your home and auto policies pay for these bills. When you have umbrella insurance, it adds a higher amount of liability coverage to both of these policies. Umbrella insurance can save you an enormous amount by having a huge maximum payout. 

Using Umbrella Insurance

With an umbrella policy, you have much more liability coverage than with your home and auto policies alone. It adds coverage to both of these policies so that you won’t be stuck with overages. Your auto or home policy comes in first to pay as much as it can, and after that, your umbrella insurance comes in and pays the rest of what you owe for medical and other bills. 

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

When you need more coverage to protect yourself financially, call us at White Oak Insurance LLC. We proudly serve the greater Milford, CT region.

Does my auto insurance policy cover me when I drive in Canada?

If you live in Milford, CT, going on a road trip to Canada is an amazing way to spend your vacation. But will your auto insurance policy cover you while you’re there? White Oak Insurance LLC is happy to assist with all your queries. 

Here’s what you need to know before crossing the border:

Your Domestic Policy

If you have a standard auto insurance policy, chances are it won’t cover you for anything that happens outside of the United States and its territories. However, if your policy does include coverage for Canada, it typically only applies to Ontario and Quebec. If you plan to drive through other provinces, like British Columbia or Alberta, you will most likely need additional coverage.

Rental Car Coverage

If you’re renting a car while in Canada, your domestic auto insurance may not cover the rental vehicle either. That said, some credit cards offer secondary coverage for rental cars when they are used overseas, including in Canada. If something happens while driving the rental car and your primary insurance doesn’t cover it, your credit card company could pick up the tab instead. It is important to check with both your insurer and credit card provider before leaving to ensure that all of your bases are covered.

Canadian Auto Insurance Policies

If neither of these options appeals to you, then another option would be to buy an auto insurance policy from a Canadian insurance provider specifically for your trip. White Oak Insurance LLC can help you find the right policy for your needs before you leave Milford CT. Still confused? Contact us today, and we’ll answer all your questions.


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