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Required Commercial Insurance in Connecticut

Every state has its own laws about the commercial insurance that businesses must-have. In Connecticut, two insurance types are required for most businesses. There are also many other types of commercial insurance that your business may need depending on its industry. If you need commercial insurance for your business, call us at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Connecticut, any business that has employees has to have workers’ compensation insurance on them. This is true whether the employees are seasonal, part-time, or full-time. The only exception to this rule is household, domestic workers who work up to 25 hours a week. For businesses that require this type of insurance coverage, it provides a way to pay for the medical bills of injured or sick workers while on the job. This allows the business to get those bills paid without having to dip into company funds. It also helps employees know that if they should have an accident, there are funds to pay for its expenses. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Every vehicle that is owned by a business in Connecticut must have commercial auto coverage. Personal insurance policies will not cover expenses from an accident that happened while driving for the business. However, personal insurance also won’t cover your private vehicle used for business but not owned by that business. For those vehicles, it’s a good idea to have coverage called hired and non-owned. 

Get Your Commercial Insurance

If your business doesn’t have the required insurance that it should, or you want more coverage to keep it safer, don’t hesitate to call us at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT. Don’t leave your business in danger of enormous medical bills or fines for not having the right insurance.

What are the benefits of investing in homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance offers many benefits that many homeowners may not be aware of. At White Oak Insurance LLC of  Milford, CT, we know that most homeowners will need to invest in insurance. We want to ensure that Connecticut residents understand all the different benefits that homeowners insurance provides. 

What is Homeowners Insurance?

In short, homeowner’s insurance is property insurance. This insurance is designed to cover private property. This insurance is designed to cover the repair, replacement, or rebuild of your home. This may be necessary due to damage or destruction caused by fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, falling trees, or weather. Hail damage, lightning, and storms can damage your home, and these circumstances are covered by homeowners insurance as well. Your insurance policy may also cover the loss or damage to your clothing, furniture, and other personal possessions. This type of insurance will also cover the cost of rebuilding floors, walls, and roofs, windows, and supportive beams if needed. Your policy also covers your driveway and your foundation. In fact, structures on your property are usually covered under your homeowner’s insurance. However, this coverage doesn’t include damage to your dwelling caused by a flood or an earthquake.


If a guest or neighbor suffers some injury or incurs damage to their property while visiting your dwelling, homeowners insurance can also cover the cost of damage to other people’s property as well as injuries if they occur on your property. In fact, this type of insurance may also cover damage to your neighbor’s property if your dog destroys something on their property. 

Peace of Mind

The personal property portion of your homeowner’s policy will pay for the cost of your temporary living expenses if you’re forced to relocate for your dwelling to be repaired. Homeowners insurance offers invaluable benefits to homeowners. It is both a safety net for unforeseen circumstances and a financial benefit when it comes to replacing or repairing damage to your home or personal property. Give us a call. We’re here to answer all your questions about homeowners insurance.

How to Structure Your Commercial Insurance

Your commercial insurance policy in Milford, CT should be customized to fit your business. When you structure it, you need to make sure that you’re getting the protection where you need it the most. White Oak Insurance LLC wants you to keep the following information in mind when you sit down to go over your coverage. 

First Threats First 

There’s a lot about commercial insurance that is pretty basic. So if a business was located in a part of town with higher instances of theft, they might want more protection for inventory loss. If they were located in a place that experienced a lot of water damage due to flooding, then they’d have extra coverage to ensure they had someone to call when rain was in the forecast or a pipe unexpectedly burst. While anything can happen, it’s good to start with the most likely scenarios. 

Additional Things to Consider 

When it comes to structuring your commercial insurance, you have to keep in mind how you will scale up your coverage in certain events. For instance, if you’re planning to expand your services or offer new inventory, will you be able to cover those losses should something happen? From liability protection in case you’re sewed to vandalism costs in case criminals break your window, your insurance needs to match the scope of your everyday operations. 

White Oak Insurance LLC knows that getting the right commercial insurance policy in Milford, CT isn’t always a simple process. If you have questions about a new policy or you’re looking to renew your old one, our staff is here to give you the right advice. Give us a call today to start looking over the options.

Does Auto Insurance Cover That? You Might Be Surprised

Understanding what auto insurance really covers is important, especially when you’re considering the kinds of coverage you have and whether the options you’ve chosen for your policy are the right ones. There are several coverage types, and if you need something specific covered, it’s vital to ask about that so you’ll have peace of mind and know that you’re protected. At White Oak Insurance LLC, you can get the type of coverage you’re looking for from professionals you can trust. If you’re in the Milford, CT area, we want to help you cover your insurance needs and protect your vehicle the right way.

Insurance designed for minimal protection isn’t going to be enough for a vehicle that needs more coverage, and having one type of policy may not be enough when something else is really needed. But that’s worth taking a look at since you need a policy that will cover what you want and expect it to, instead of just something standard and you’re really not clear on. We can help you with that by answering your questions about specifically what’s covered and what’s not covered when it comes to the policy you’ve chosen or one you’re considering.

If you’re in the Milford, CT area, reach out to us at White Oak Insurance LLC today, and ask us the questions you have about auto insurance. We’ll work with you to find the kind of policy that’s right for your needs so that you can have good coverage and peace of mind. Without the right kind of policy, you won’t have what you need to make sure your vehicle gives you what you need and want. If you ever need to make a claim or use your policy, you also might not have the coverage you’re expecting. We can help you avoid that issue more easily.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

That jalopy in your garage that you keep under a protective cover needs more than just a tarp and the garage space. It requires classic car insurance from White Oak Insurance LLC, serving Milford, CT.

Why classic car insurance?

Typically, you will pay less for more coverage of your vehicle that is aged 25 years or older. With classic car insurance, you agree to drive your antique or classic automobile less than 1,000 for the year of coverage. Essentially, you get to drive it in parades and to car shows. That is it. You cannot use it for your commute or running errands, etc.

In exchange for this very limited use, you will get low premiums plus a choice between a policy that uses agreed-upon value or replacement value. That benefits you because most auto policies pay based on the current blue book value of a vehicle. Your pristinely restored 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray with the convertible top that they only produced for six months of the year would get you a couple of thousand bucks if you were lucky when using regular auto coverage. A classic car policy though covers your baby at an agreed-upon value you negotiate with the insurance agency at the time you purchase the policy or the replacement cost of the vehicle as you have restored it. That means you would get the $148,000 necessary to actually replace your Concours rated Corvette with another Concours rated Corvette.

After you have put the effort in to restore or rebuild a vehicle, you want it to remain perfect. Perhaps the accident that occurs does not total the vehicle. Maybe it only amounts to a fender bender. The classic car coverage pays for genuine replacement parts of the same model year and make. That helps you keep your restored vehicle at a Concours rating.

Call or email White Oak Insurance LLC today to find out how best to protect that cherry coupe you have tucked away in your Milford, CT garage. We can help you insure your classic or antique vehicle, to protect the hard work you devoted to its preservation.

Buying Connecticut Umbrella Insurance

When Milford, CT residents are looking to protect their assets and limit their liability, they speak with the professional insurance agents at White Oak Insurance LLC to ensure they have the coverage they need. Often, that recommendation is the consideration of adding umbrella insurance coverage to your insurance portfolio. Whether an umbrella policy is the right idea for you and your family will depend on several factors, and a professional White Oaks Insurance agent can sit down with you and discuss your options.

Buying Connecticut Umbrella Insurance

Buying Connecticut umbrella insurance protects you if any adverse legal judgment exceeds your current insurance protection. As an example, assume someone gets injured on your property, and their medical bills exceed the limits set by your home insurance coverage. The purpose of an umbrella policy is to cover those potential gaps in coverage that could leave you vulnerable to financial disaster. Speaking with a White Oak Insurance LLC agent today will be the beginning of additional insurance protection should you believe you need umbrella coverage in the Nutmeg State. The last thing you want is to risk losing it all should something happen on your property, so find out how you can protect yourself with umbrella insurance coverage.

Contact our Team at White Oak Insurance LLC for Your Umbrella Insurance

Making sure that you have the coverage you need is what we do here at White Oak Insurance. Serving the Milford, CT business community, White Oak Insurance LLC understands the needs of community members looking for the best insurance coverage possible, and we look forward to meeting you to find an insurance policy that fits all of your needs, so to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for a free, no-obligation quote.

How can auto insurance protect someone in Connecticut?

The Milford, CT area is a great place for someone to live. While there is plenty of great professional and recreational opportunities to enjoy in the local area, it would still make sense for most people to purchase a car. If you are going to buy a vehicle in this area of the state, it is vital that you get an auto insurance policy as it can protect someone in several ways. 

Gives Liability Protection

One way that an auto insurance policy can protect someone in Connecticut is by providing them with liability insurance. Driving a car is generally a safe activity, but accidents do happen from time to time. If you are at fault in an accident, you could be held liable for damages. When you have auto insurance, you are going to receive the coverage that you need to pay for these damages. Beyond providing you with peace of mind, this coverage will also ensure you are in compliance with state insurance requirements. 

Protects Vehicle

While liability protection is very beneficial, you will also want an auto insurance policy because it will protect your vehicle. With a full auto insurance policy that has collision and comprehensive coverage, you will also receive the protection you need against a variety of situations that could result in a loss. This will include theft, vandalism, or damage you incur in an accident. 

As you are looking for an auto insurance policy in the Milford, CT area, you should call the team at White Oak Insurance, LLC. The insurance team at White Oak Insurance LLC can help anyone here better understand all of their insurance needs and options. This will help to ensure that you receive appropriate coverage and have peace of mind. 

Does my small business in Connecticut need commercial insurance

Milford is one of the oldest cities in Connecticut and has a thriving business community. As a business owner, you know that owning your own business can be challenging, and there are plenty of things to worry about. One of them should not be whether your business is protected. Commercial insurance is not one size fits all, and the agents at White Oak Insurance LLC can walk you through the different options that may fit your business.

In Connecticut, the law requires that you protect your employees with workers’ compensation insurance. It protects your employee against work-related injuries or health conditions. Safeguarding your employees helps with retention, so it is a real benefit to your business. The only other type of commercial insurance that you need is commercial vehicle insurance if you have a business owned and used vehicle. 

But some types of commercial insurance are more valuable to your business. Commercial property insurance protects not only your actual location, but it also covers your business equipment, inventory, machinery, and other items that you need to do business. Commercial liability insurance protects you from legal action taken against you no matter what the reason. It can be someone hurt on your premise or by one of your products or services and even a disgruntled employee. 

Business interruption insurance can be valuable coverage if your business is affected by a covered hazard. Your day to day expenses doesn’t go away just because your company has been damaged. 

Having is successful business takes a lot of work. Let the experienced staff at White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT help you to take some of the stress out of business ownership with commercial insurance that is tailored to your business. There is no need to pay for coverage you don’t need. Give the office a call for a  no-obligation quote.

Do I need home insurance if I don’t have a mortgage

Milford, CT was settled in 1639 and is very proud of its place in the history of Connecticut. It has always been a desirable place to call home, and nothing has changed in that respect. Homeownership comes with plenty of things to worry about, but whether or not you have the right home insurance shouldn’t be on that list.  With the team at White Oak Insurance LLC available to help you, choosing the right insurance should be a snap.

When you have paid off your mortgage, you may wonder if you still need home insurance. Everyone likes to save money, but this is one case where saving a little bit of money could end up costing you a lot of money. Home insurance offers some valuable protections that could save you a lot of sleepless nights if you don’t keep your home insurance.

Bad things can happen without warning, and you don’t have to be engaging in any risky behavior to be a victim. No one is immune to the damage caused by things like tornados and other violent winds. In Connecticut, ice storms cause lots of damage. It will not only damage your physical home; it can destroy all your personal possessions. Your home insurance can help you to replace what is lost. 

Being without liability insurance can end up with you losing everything that you have worked so hard to accumulate. People get injured, people sue, it is a fact of life. Your liability insurance can help to pay a judgment against you. 

The answer to the question, “do I need home insurance if I don’t have a mortgage?” is yes, you do. At White Oak Insurance LLC in Milford, CT, we know that your home is your castle, and that castle needs to be protected at a price that you can afford. You can stop by the office or give us a call for a free no-obligation quote.

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